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About us


  • Business Development Dept. looks after the feasibility of the projects.

  • Planning & Designing Dept. caters to preparation of plans and drawings required for approvals from competent authorities. It also appoints Architects and consultants.

  • Marketing & Sales Dept. deals with prospective customer’s requirements, highlighting and explaining them the concept, the pricing, the features.

  • HR Department deals with appointment of manpower and contractors.

  • Purchase Department caters to procurement & supply of materials.

  • Quality Control Department reviews the final stage of construction.

  • Estate Department caters in handing over procedures to the customers.


HAPPY HOMES HOUSING strives for the highest of safety and healthy environment to all its staff, contractors, sub-contractors and workers.

  • To have better communication methodology in the event of accidents / emergency.

  • To ensure that contractors / sub contractors / staff are aware of all the rules and regulations with respect to site safety and security and to comply with all statutory and legislative requirements.

  • To ensure that the construction activities do not endanger outsiders, clients, all workers, staff and surrounding properties.

  • This safety rules and regulations apply to all Contractors, Sub-contractors, their employees, and Staff of clients.

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